Meet the studio

Pepper of marked flavor used in a creative way in the Brazilian cuisine that makes all the difference. This is precisely our main value: to offer a professional, creative and efficient way of producing images.


Merging talent and experience, Malagueta is a Studio that thinks about more efficient and interesting visual projects for the worldwide advertising market. Having as main seasoning the diversity of Brazilian graphic artists, we brought together in one place illustrators, photographers, digital retouchers, graphic designers and graffiti artists. In this talented team there are professionals with deep technical knowledge and who have been working for more than 15 years in the production of images and animations.

See below the main specialties of our house:


Nowadays, 3D softwares are powerful tools for creating realistic images with relative agility, but they are not able to produce attractive and good taste illustrations. That’s why our team was trained over many years to know not only the tools but also the conceptual and artistic side needed in a good publicity work.



Whether it’s just for a color adjustment, removing minor imperfections or even merging multiple photos to result in a single image, you need sensitivity on the part of the professional. The good photographic retouching is one that most of the time goes unnoticed and adds beauty to an image while maintaining it natural.



Although communication has developed in recent years, traditional illustration, whatever its platform (digital or traditional), is a powerful way of transmitting values and concepts, especially when it is necessary to reach specific groups of people, as in advertising. Malagueta has different artists who can add much style to your campaign with experience in various modalities, such as: HQ, Graffiti, Photography, Graphic Design. Count on us to develop your ideas, from character concepts to films and sophisticated illustrations to value a brand.


Some of our clients: